SONIFI Solutions - Hotel Name Change Request Form

  1. Example of custom welcome message - "Welcome to the Corinthain New York"
    If custom message is not indicated, the welcome message may appear generic. Example "Welcome to our Hotel."
    Corporate Brand Standards for some hotel guest pay systems may overwrite your custom message.

  2. If Yes, a representative will be in touch with you, additional applicable fees may apply for Broadband Internet Name Changes.

  3. By submitting this form to SONIFI Solutions, you acknowledge that a fee has been approved to implement your hotel name change on your SONIFI Solutions Guest Pay system, and you authorize SONIFI Solutions to proceed with the hotel name change information indicated above. No additional fees will be applied without your written consent or approval.

You will receive a confirmation message, acknowledging that your request has been received. You will be billed upon completion of this request. For more information please contact SONIFI Solutions at 1-888-563-4363.
Thank you.

This name change request represents a cosmetic change to the hotel interactive television system and does not accommodate changes to your SONIFI Solutions broadband/Internet system, PMS vendor or front desk communications; nor does it account for site- or chain-specific programming and/or promotional items that must be altered under their new contractual conditions. This document addresses site specific changes and does not apply to multiple sites. A separate copy of this form must be submitted for each property at which a change is desired. Additional fees may also be applied for the following: Name changes which need to be implemented during non-business hours, Graphical updates to the logo, or Non-contracted logo placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the hotel be charged any additional fees?
SONIFI Solutions will contact the hotel if any additional fees are necessary or required. Examples of possible additional fees would include:
- Off hour implementation schedule requirements.
- A hotel needs additional customization applied at the time of a logo change

Who do I contact if I am interested in customizing my system?
Contact the Hotel Customization team at, or visit our Website (

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