Adapting for today & tomorrow

Your changing needs, our innovative solutions & unwavering support

SONIFI has adapted to many changes in our 40 years of business. Today is no different.

We continue to be dedicated to your success as we navigate hospitality’s next normal. Together, we can adapt and innovate to become better than ever before. Because your future isn’t just about surviving — it’s about thriving.


Give peace of mind

You have the cleanliness protocols and health precautions in place. Give guests added peace of mind by communicating your dedication to their safety.

We can help broadcast your reassuring messages through:

  • Digitals signs in public areas
  • The in-room TV’s main menu and welcome videos
  • A customizable Happenings channel
  • On-demand educational and COVID-19 safety videos

Guests are increasingly expecting contactless services and flexibility in how they interact during their stay.


Limit physical contact, leverage existing tech

Utilize your SONIFI system for contactless features that protect your guests and staff.

Interactive Television

Guests can use the in-room TV to:

  • Request or decline housekeeping
  • Order room service
  • Review their account
  • Complete the check-out process
  • Watch quality TV & movies
  • Use their mobile device as a TV remote
  • Access the hotel directory
  • Exercise in-room with on-demand fitness videos

Let guests use their own mobile devices for touchless in-room services

Available on guest device or hotel-provided tablet, or as embedded features / API for your app.


Mobile app features
  • TV remote functions
  • OTT streaming via STAYCAST
  • In-room dining orders
  • Guest request
  • Hotel directory & property info
  • Folio review & checkout

Integrate your systems to give smart, convenient, contactless options to guests

  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Turn lights on or off
  • Open and close window coverings
  • Talk with the front desk or concierge
  • Control the TV
  • Request or decline housekeeping


Reduce OpEx

This is a tough time for our industry. We can help you save money, without compromising quality.


Optimize your FTG channel lineup

We can analyze your viewership data to remove unwatched channels and optimize the lineup to your guest preferences


Sign up for limited-time offers

Take advantage of special offers, rebates, subsidies & bundled service discounts exclusive to SONIFI customers


Adapt to viewer preferences

Consider swapping your premium channel subscriptions to the OTT streaming service STAYCAST


Unparalleled & unwavering support

We know the importance of timely and efficient service — and above all, we’re always here for you.

  • 24/7/365 support for business continuity anytime you need us
  • Ongoing product updates & enhanced platform features
  • Real-time proactive monitoring & remote maintenance
  • Technicians sensitized to local COVID policies & trained to follow safety protocols for on-site services

SONIFI is here for you

Let us know how we can help you & your guests adapt to the next normal