Secure streaming for hospitality

STAYCAST, powered by Google Chromecast

OTT Streaming

Provide the ultimate streaming experience

STAYCAST®, SONIFI’s patented OTT streaming solution built specifically for hospitality in partnership with Google, lets guests watch their favorite content from thousands of apps on the in-room TV — just like at home.


STAYCAST offers guests access to 2000+ apps through Google Chromecast with SONIFI’s patented technology behind the scenes to keep their information secure.

The in-room entertainment guests want most

Live & on-demand

The best variety of content for families, international guests, sports fans & business travelers

Easy to use

Simple pairing instructions & network isolation means guests can only cast to their room’s TVs


No personal credentials are entered on the TV & disconnects are automatic at checkout


STAYCAST uses familiar technology that works with iOS, Android & all major TV brands


A proven enterprise-grade streaming solution deployed in 430K rooms


STAYCAST is backed by the reliability & support you want most

Your staff has easy access to on-demand reporting, signal strength monitoring and simple self-service resources, along with SONIFI’s network of remote and on-site support professionals.


24/7 multilingual assistance for guests & hotels

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