Smart room integrations

Connected devices for convenience, delight and efficiency

A concierge in every room


Integrate your systems with Google Assistant and Amazon voice assistants to provide familiar contactless technology and personalized in-room guest experiences.

  • Welcome guests with personalized greetings & local recommendations
  • Touchless option to make requests, access services & give feedback
  • Voice-activated TV & room controls (lights, shades, etc.)
  • Highlight your brand & property amenities
  • Tamper-resistant, hospitality-grade solution
  • Safeguards for privacy & personal information
  • Admin & reporting capabilities

Personalized guest experiences


Unique guest interactions

Personalize each device with a custom welcome, favorites, loyalty status & more


In-room transactions & privacy

Enable in-room purchases, folio review, checkout & automatic disconnection of personal information


Group services

Deliver custom content for wedding parties, conferences, corporate blocks & more

Convenience for guests, effortless energy management for hotels

Hospitality Solutions

SONIFI’s interactive system can interface with building automation system (BAS) components, without the need for any additional hardware in guest rooms.

By integrating with your smart room device vendors, SONIFI creates a cohesive, simple way of controlling:

  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Window coverings
  • Do not disturb / make up room
  • TV power

Automations for room controls can help create memorable experiences when guests arrive and reduce energy consumption when rooms are unoccupied.

In the room or on the go

Mobile Checkout

Consolidate the guest experience in the room with seamless control of multiple systems during the entirety of their stay, and increase loyalty and mobile app usage on the go.

Available on guest device or hotel-provided tablet, or as embedded features / API for your app.

  • In-room TV controls, channel info & tuning
  • Folio review & checkout
  • Hotel directory & info
  • STAYCAST® OTT streaming
  • Dining
  • Guest request
voice assistant

Hotels can process 2.5x more guest requests by automated voice than by telephone

remote power offs

15% of unoccupied rooms have TVs left on — we reduce electric bills by turning them off

sonifi internal data
Energy Management

Sensors adjust the guest room thermostat based on occupancy, reducing energy consumption by 25–45%



Industry-leading partnerships

Our ever-growing list of integrations enable more seamless guest experiences.


Safer environments & more efficient operations

Smart Room Technology
  • Staff safety buttons
    One click will alert, provide specific location & update every 10 seconds
  • Inventory & asset-tracking devices
    Track frequently used items like rollaway cribs & luggage carts to save your staff valuable time
  • Vendor tracking
    Audit vendor movements throughout their appointment for efficiency & security


Translate conversations. Deliver better guest experiences.

Connect with guests in 29 different languages.

Convenient & easy-to-use

Real-time communication in 29 languages via voice translations on a hospitality-grade Nest Hub device.

Elevated guest experience

When traveling, language barriers are a significant pain point to enjoy a trip. By placing Google Nest Hub in hotel lobbies and concierge desks, guests can use interpreter mode to have a free-flowing conversation with the staff in their own language.


Consistent & reliable service

Create memorable guest interactions with Google Assistant Interpreter Mode for business. Just say “Hey Google, be my Hindi interpreter” or “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish” and you’ll see and hear the translated conversation.

A world of possibilities

Interpreter mode can help your business better serve their guests through an improved customer experience – elevate your property’s brand and reputation.

Google and Google Nest Hub are trademarks of Google LLC.

guest communications

Give guests added peace of mind by communicating your dedication to their safety.

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