HSIA & managed Wi-Fi services

Networking solutions for seamless enterprise connectivity

Internet Services

Keep everyone & everything connected

SONIFI provides comprehensive wireless network solutions for your entire property, from design to delivery and ongoing support.


Guests & visitors

Reliable data access across your property, including guest rooms, lobbies & public spaces


Back-of-house systems

Streamlined IP network ensures reliable & consistent connectivity for staff & enterprise systems


Conferences & groups

Ubiquitous coverage from single meeting rooms to convention halls, pool areas, resort spaces & more

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Reliable coverage

Remote proactive monitoring & preventive maintenance for increased uptime


100+ certifications

Expertise in custom network design, configuration & support

Internet Services


24/7 guest & hotel support

U.S.-based call center for troubleshooting & first-call issue resolution


200+ field technicians

Cross-trained & available throughout the U.S. & Canada

SONIFI is a terrific partner to work with. The entire installation and deployment team is knowledgeable, timely, and dedicated to a successful installation. It’s been fantastic to collaborate with such a dedicated team.

Kathy Duddy Hospitality Technology Consultant for Grand Hyatt Nashville

Network management

For all managed Wi-Fi customers, SONIFI includes access to an authentication and management platform (AMP) that features:

  • Device authentication, splash page customizations & advanced network monitoring for prompt issue identification and response
  • Dynamic real-time visualization of network topology for IT professionals to more easily and holistically view complex network infrastructures
  • Advanced configurations for multi-zone and multi-site roaming for seamless connectivity for guests

AMP is an enterprise-grade cloud solution powered by AWS for maximum reliability and scalability.

Conference space & public areas

From meeting rooms to convention halls, your Wi-Fi network should be seamless and scalable to cater to any group’s needs.

  • Event access codes
  • Custom SSIDs
  • Wired ports
  • Enterprise encryption
  • User-specified landing pages
  • Calendar-based scheduling with auto-configuration
  • Real-time usage dashboard
  • Email notifications
  • Post-event analytics

Approved HSIA supplier

We understand the importance of brand compliance, and we aim to provide a simple solution to keep your property and portfolio up to date.


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