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Adeia renews multi-year IP license agreement with SONIFI to serve the hospitality industry’s need for next-generation digital entertainment services


SAN JOSE, CA (DEC 13, 2022) — Adeia Inc. (Nasdaq: ADEA) (“Adeia” or the “Company”), the company whose innovations shape the way the world explores and experiences entertainment, today announced that it has renewed a multi-year agreement with SONIFI Solutions, Inc., a leading technology services provider for the hospitality industry, to license Adeia’s media intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

SONIFI has served the hospitality industry for over 30 years, offering technology solutions that enhance the engagement, entertainment and digital experience of hotel and resort guests. The rapid transformation of the digital entertainment landscape has altered how video, entertainment, and connectivity services are delivered to leisure and business travelers. SONIFI’s solutions offer property managers, owners, and guests next-generation applications and services to meet constantly changing consumer desires for entertainment and digital services when they are away from home.

“SONIFI is addressing the evolving needs of the hospitality industry as the world emerges from travel restrictions imposed by a global pandemic that had constrained business and leisure travel. We are excited about the relationship Adeia is building with one of the leading technology providers to a sector that is of critical importance to the global economy,” said Dr. Mark Kokes, Adeia’s chief licensing officer and general manager, media. “Our license agreement with SONIFI further confirms the value and longevity of Adeia’s media IP portfolio for organizations serving the traveling public’s needs and we are excited to both expand and extend our relationship with them.”

When traveling, consumers today expect the same high-quality content and entertainment services they experience in their home environments. Hotels, luxury resorts and other segments of the hospitality sector are consequently under increasing pressure to provide intuitive and seamless video and connectivity services for consumers on the go.

“Industry leaders are leveraging innovations that improve digital entertainment experiences by making it possible for consumers to quickly, easily and intuitively find the content and services they want to enjoy. The IP included in Adeia’s media portfolio allows hospitality service providers to deliver guests truly personalized media experiences,” Dr. Kokes said.

Adeia has spent decades investing in research and development to create market-leading technologies for the media and entertainment industry. Adeia’s innovative solutions touch practically every aspect of consumers’ day-to-day interaction with their entertainment, enabling Adeia’s customers to build customized, next-generation digital entertainment solutions for users around the globe.

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