Press Release

SONIFI Has Partnered with The Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Deployment of New Guest Technology Solutions


LOS ANGELES (Nov. 11, 2015) — SONIFI Solutions and the Historic Boston Park Plaza Hotel have partnered to deliver state-of-the-art in-room guest experiences. The $100 million renovation will underscore the property as a Boston destination hotel that will showcase SONIFI’s innovative technology.

The Boston Park Plaza features 1,059 guest rooms, which will now be equipped with new Smart TVs powered by SONIFI’s STAY1000 platform.

Hospitality Technology at Boston Park Plaza

SONIFI’s platform offers the flexibility and control to manage and launch value-added services, enriching the viewing experience of live TV channels, VOD and over-the-top (OTT) content. In addition, the STAY1000 solution will create a unified brand experience for the Boston Park Plaza across guest room TVs and SONIFI’s patented mobile application.

“The Boston Park Plaza Hotel is pleased to partner with SONIFI in delivering the most advanced guest experience,” said June McDougall, General Manager. ‎”SONIFI has delivered innovative and rapid advancements in technology to address the ever-changing expectations of our hotel guests.”

“We’re looking forward to offering Boston Park Plaza Hotel the tools and technology to not only position their brand, but also to help them take their guest experience to the next level,” said Ahmad Ouri, Chief Executive Officer of SONIFI. “With the addition of over-the-top applications, our unique early window for on demand movies and our industry leading mobile application, we’re helping them to stay at the forefront of guest entertainment technology and carve out their place as a true mainstay of Boston.”

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