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SONIFI Solutions Deploys BuyDRM’s Keyos Multikey Service to Deliver Over-The-Top Content to the Hospitality Industry


AUSTIN (Apr. 25, 2017) — BuyDRM™ and SONIFI Solutions, Inc. announced their commercial agreement whereby SONIFI is securing VOD content using BuyDRM’s KeyOS™ MultiKey™ Service. SONIFI chose the KeyOS Platform to deliver major studio content to set top boxes in some of the world’s premier hotel brands. SONIFI’s over-the top VOD app gives guests access to the latest movies in the comfort of their hotel room.

OTT Streaming

As part of the KeyOS Multi-DRM Platform, the MultiKey Service supports the industry-leading DRMs, such as Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay, which power the widest variety of premium content for consumers.

BuyDRM has pioneered DRM as a Service (DaaS), providing highly available DRM technologies through modern, easy to deploy, secure APIs. Using a variety of common programming languages, the KeyOS Platform enables major studios, content licensees and OTT operators to quickly deploy studio-approved DRM within their existing content workflows.

Kara Heermans, VP, User Experience & Product Management at SONIFI, said, “BuyDRM is an important and reliable asset for SONIFI. Their KeyOS Multi-DRM Platform is key to delivering VOD content over-the-top to the hospitality industry in a way that protects content rights. BuyDRM’s modern API made our integration efforts fast and seamless.”

Christopher Levy, CEO & Founder at BuyDRM, said, “SONIFI’s OTT VOD app is a first-of-its-kind platform delivering studio content to the hospitality market using lightweight on-premise and hosted solutions. With Multi-DRM support built-in, the MultiKey Service eliminates all the barriers to users accessing studio content.”

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