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Eldorado Resorts Improves Guest Satisfaction by Nearly 25% with Best-in-Class Wireless Solution from Extreme Networks


SAN JOSE (December 13, 2017) – Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR) today announced that its hardware is being deployed as part of a secure and reliable wireless network solution across several Eldorado Resorts properties to deliver guests a personalized, mobile experience that improves guest satisfaction, increases spending per visit and boosts loyalty. Extreme and SONIFI Solutions partnered to implement end-to-end technology throughout three Eldorado properties: Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus. The Wi-Fi network is already fully operational at the Eldorado Resort Casino and Silver Legacy Resort Casino, including the hotel, casino and back of house. The deployment at the Circus Circus Hotel Casino Reno property is expected to be completed by January 2018.

Guest Satisfaction at Eldorado Resorts

In order to meet its business goals and deliver a quality guest experience, a purpose-built Wi-Fi solution is essential for Eldorado. With 20 U.S. properties, Eldorado understands delivering high-quality, consistent connectivity is an important part of their overall brand strategy; it is also a central investment to drive positive guest satisfaction scores. Prior to its installation of Extreme’s solution, each of Eldorado’s three properties had an average of 300 to 400 devices connected at one time, with its peak reaching 800 devices. Eldorado needed a solution that could support greater capacity and coverage and provide administrators with actionable data around network usage and engagement behaviors, leveraging these insights to better service customers. Ultimately, creating a positive experience for guests during the entirety of their stay and meeting Eldorado’s unique business goals were the essential elements to the network deployment.

Extreme and SONIFI were selected for their track record of providing premium, reliable connectivity and purpose-built network solutions for the hospitality industry. To support the 815 rooms at the Eldorado Resort and Casino, 576 APs were installed in hotel rooms and throughout the property in just two months. After deploying Extreme’s Wi-Fi solution, guest complaints related to connectivity fell by 23%. Additionally, trouble tickets were reduced to nearly zero per week. Furthermore, the average number of devices concurrently connected to the network rose significantly, with a peak of 3,800 connected devices. Eldorado’s three properties in Reno will support more than 4,000 rooms and employees, with average concurrent usage expected to hit up to 6,000 devices. Guests will have the ability to travel between each property and between the various public spaces and guest rooms without any interruption to their Wi-Fi, ensuring a seamless experience.

Key Facts:

  • Value-Add for Guests and Administration

With the centralized network management system, administrators can see how guests engage with the properties while connecting their email addresses for future marketing campaigns. Eldorado can now send guests unique offerings based on their location, demographics and interests. Beacon technology placed around the properties allows Eldorado to monitor foot traffic so they can instantly communicate with guests in certain areas.

  • Purpose-Built Design and Complete Coverage

Working hand-in-hand with Eldorado, Extreme and SONIFI developed a heat map to optimize the design of the network architecture into Wi-Fi zones, helping to deliver outstanding coverage and bandwidth requirements.

  • Security and Reliability

With anywhere from 500 to 2,000 users joining the network at a given time, Extreme and SONIFI took security measures to protect Eldorado’s network from hacking and disruption. This ensures that guests’ personal information is never compromised, all while supporting thousands of users at once.

Executive Perspectives

Phillip Karam, Manager, Technology and AV, Eldorado Resort Casino Reno
“Partnering with Extreme Networks and SONIFI Solutions has not only improved our customer satisfaction scores, but enabled us to connect with our guests and make decisions in real-time based on the data provided by ExtremeAnalytics. Customer satisfaction is key to our success, so when we were choosing a networking vendor, we needed a provider with a proven history of delivering impactful results. Extreme is the only IT manufacturer in the space focused solely on delivering purpose-built networking solutions and with its technology, our guests now have the quality Wi-Fi they need.”

John Brams, Director, Hospitality, Sports and Entertainment, Extreme Networks, Inc.
“When we started this project, we made it a priority to understand Eldorado’s unique business challenges and long term goals. That helped us build a customized network that would provide secure and reliable Wi-Fi for Eldorado’s staff and customers. We’re thrilled that Extreme Networks’ technology has improved Eldorado’s guest satisfaction scores and look forward to continuing to ensure this satisfaction across Eldorado’s multiple locations.”

Kara Heermans, Vice President of User Experience and Product Management, SONIFI Solutions
“We worked with Extreme Networks to develop a heat map that informed the network architecture for Eldorado, and together we were able to deliver outstanding coverage and bandwidth. Extreme shares our passion for performance and quality, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to solve today’s hospitality IT challenges.”

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