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HITEC Update: Six New In-Room Entertainment Technologies and Integrations


[June 19, 2019] Lodging Magazine listed SONIFI’s SORA interactive TV platform within the top six new in-room entertainment technologies and integrations of HITEC.

SONIFI Introduces SORA

SONIFI Solutions has introduced its new SORA platform, a visual complement to a guest’s overall stay that adapts to the environment, guest content preferences, and more. SORA will begin pilots this month. The platform operates on and supports multiple in-room hardware options—including Google Chromecast, set-top-boxes, and smart TVs.

SORA Interactive Experience

In addition to foundational features such as an interactive program guide, video on demand, and a hotel directory, incremental custom apps can also be enabled on SORA, such as hotel loyalty features or other branded and sponsored content.

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