SONIFI CEO Ahmad Ouri part of Hyatt’s post-coronavirus industry advisory group


[Apr. 30, 2020] – In the wake of COVID-19, SONIFI’s longtime hospitality partner Hyatt has enacted a Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment to protect the well-being and peace of mind of everyone at their hotels now and in the future.

Part of the new initiative includes a cross-functional working group of industry experts and professionals who will act as advisors on key areas of Hyatt’s business as it adapts to a post-COVID environment.

Leading the group’s technology discussions is Ahmad Ouri, CEO of SONIFI Solutions, Inc.

“It’s inspiring to see how the hospitality industry is adapting to address what employees and guests need most in this new normal,” said Ouri. “I’m honored to contribute to Hyatt’s Care & Cleanliness Commitment, using insights and recommendations from SONIFI’s industry-leading services to advise on what the role of technology can be in this new environment.”

Read Hyatt’s full announcement here.