Marriott GPNS + SONIFI Solutions

Certified supplier of GPNS

SONIFI Solutions is proud to be a certified supplier of Marriott Global Property Network Standards (GPNS).

Marriott GPNS is Marriott’s brand standard for guest Internet solutions and associated back office networks. GPNS merges these component’s industry best practices into one common framework for network management.

This one, common framework creates a single network in hotels – consolidating today’s guest, associate and dedicated single-use networks into one multi-purpose network.

Internet delivery options

The best choice for GPNS Internet service might depend on what’s in your walls. Different cable types each have their strengths and weaknesses. Whether a new build, or internet upgrade, knowing more can help you make a better decision.

SONIFI is GPNS-certified for Ethernet, DOCSIS and fiber. We understand how to make the most of advantages and compensate for weaknesses.

Ethernet – A standard communications protocol that uses Cat 5E/6 wiring to connect devices including devices, routers, and switches in a wired or wireless network.

DOCSIS (Coax) – International telecommunications standard that permits the addition of high-bandwidth data transfer to an existing coax infrastructure.

Fiber – An internet connection method that uses delicate and tiny strands of glass or plastic for transferring data across fiber optic lines.

Benefits of GPNS

  • Flexible certification across all brands
  • Consistent and cost-effective network architecture
  • Common authentication look and feel across all GPNS properties
  • Uniform and certified networking equipment
  • Improvement in Guest Satisfaction Scores (GSS)

Want to learn more?

Visit our Marriott page to learn how SONIFI simplifies operations as one experienced provider for all Marriott guest-facing technology.