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LodgeNet Healthcare Rebranded As SONIFI HEALTH Solutions


SIOUX FALLS (July 16, 2013) LodgeNet Healthcare, the leading provider of integrated patient engagement solutions, announced today that post-acquisition, it has been rebranded as SONIFI HEALTH Solutions. The rebranding and updated business strategy for SONIFI HEALTH come at a critical time for healthcare providers who are responding to federal triple aim objectives: improving the quality of care, improving population health, and reducing the cost of care.

“After surveying similar solutions and market need, we have confidence in our ability to leverage existing assets for the benefit of our SONIFI HEALTH customers,” said SONIFI Chief Executive Officer Mike Ribero. “We intend to make SONIFI HEALTH Solutions the authority in interactive patient engagement and patient/provider communications. We are well positioned for success by combining our proven technology and media background to create compelling patient and family interactions that result in active participation and healthy behavioral changes.”

SONIFI HEALTH is actively expanding its suite of solutions beyond the patient room television to better initiate patient and family engagement at any point in the care process. To enable this, the company is now offering solutions that extend beyond the hospital room and into the ambulatory settings and the critical time as patients transition to home and need information. To expand personalized communications, SONIFI HEALTH now also offers an interactive tablet solution available on devices designed for personal interaction. “The ability to use multiple device options for interactive engagement empowers patients and families to access critical information in virtually every setting,” said SONIFI HEALTH President Gary Kolbeck. “Having multiple solutions for the delivery of compelling content also opens the door to expansion and growth that will benefit both hospitals and their patients.”

The need for solutions to help hospitals cost-effectively improve outcomes and patient perception of care has swelled over the past couple of years. SONIFI HEALTH Solutions’ products and services are tailored to each patient as the result of strong health IT integration capabilities. Solutions are seamlessly integrated into the nursing workflow, saving time through automation and easy execution which results in significant cost savings to both facilities and patients. It has been projected that as many as 20% of hospitals could be forced to close their doors as the reimbursement model changes in coming years unless they can provide some of these improvements in outcomes while reducing costs.

SONIFI HEALTH has been offering solutions to healthcare providers for nearly a decade and has shown strong growth every year. The healthcare business has over 80 contracted facilities across the United States, providing service to nearly 20,000 patient access rooms touching an estimated 1.4 million patients each year. Kolbeck further commented, “With the full support of our new leadership, we will aggressively partner with facilities eager to adopt an effective patient engagement platform. Using technology to improve patient impacted outcomes while providing operational efficiencies to lower costs is a key in today’s environment.”

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