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Florida Hotel and Conference Center Enhances Guest Services and Safety Protocols with SONIFI’s Technology Platform


ORLANDO (June 4, 2020) – What started as an in-room entertainment upgrade and continued as a safety platform through COVID-19 has forged a strong partnership between Florida Hotel and Conference Center and technology provider SONIFI Solutions.

With its convenient location to the Florida Mall and robust upscale services, the Orlando property is a premier destination for travelers, corporate groups and wedding parties. Each of its 511 guest rooms welcomes visitors with a personalized interactive experience featuring entertainment, amenities and updates regarding its cleanliness protocols adapted in response to COVID-19.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the Florida Hotel and Conference Center worked with SONIFI to create custom interactive TV experiences that meet specific needs of their business guests and conference attendees. Integrations on the new platform also allow guests to use it to order in-room dining, make housekeeping requests and check out from the room, reducing in-person contact. Guests can also stream their favorite content subscription, games and productivity apps to the in-room TV with STAYCAST.

SONIFI, proud to be a longtime partner of the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association, was able to leverage existing network infrastructure to deploy the enhanced technology, saving time and money while enhancing guest experience.

As COVID-19 upended business and tourism throughout Orlando, the hotel remained open and committed to serving guests who needed a safe place to stay. “SONIFI has continued to be a great partner throughout it all, offering options and best practices to keep guests informed and safe,” said John Lamont, General Manager at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center.

“SONIFI’s interactive TV platform has been a way for us to promote our cleanliness efforts, minimize contact and take preventive measures to keep our guests confident in our dedication to them,” Lamont said. “The world of room service and guest interactions has changed, and I’m grateful to have easy-to-use technology from SONIFI to assist in our efforts.”

As the region reopens its businesses and attractions, Lamont said his property is ready to exceed guests’ expectations in service, quality and amenities thanks in part to SONIFI’s platform and partnership.

“We were beyond impressed with the service from SONIFI, both on-site and remote, during the initial installation process,” said Lamont. “I continue to have such a positive experience as our two companies work together in what’s becoming our new normal.”

“The Florida Hotel and Conference Center has always been a tremendous leader in delivering superior guest experiences in Orlando, and continues to be so through one of the most challenging times this industry has endured,” said Ahmad Ouri, CEO at SONIFI. “We are proud to be part of their continued legacy of excellence.”

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