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TraknProtect and SONIFI Partner to Deliver Location Tracking Technology for Hotels


LOS ANGELES (June 17, 2019) — SONIFI Solutions Inc., announced a partnership with TraknProtect to offer the company’s real-time location technology to hotels including employee safety devices, inventory and room tray tracking as well as vendor and service contractor monitoring. In addition, TraknProtect will leverage SONIFI’s nationwide service platform to deploy its technology solution. The partnership supports SONIFI’s mission to simplify technology and service for the smarter enterprise.

Electronic safety devices are in demand as the hotel industry steps up efforts to protect workers. In response to requests from unions and local ordinances, lodging giants including Marriott and Hilton, have committed to personal security measures for staff – a core use of TraknProtects’ technology is employee safety.

TraknProtect’s solutions utilize Bluetooth beacon technology and a software platform that tracks the location of employee badges, wearable safety devices or tagged items in real time. SONIFI’s extensive knowledge of hotel in-room technology, operations and infrastructure, allows the two companies to deliver this technology reliably with minimal service disruption.

TraknProtect Hospitality Technology

The versatility of location tracking technology provides many benefits. Employees feel safe knowing the press of a button instantly alerts security personnel and notifies nearby staff. Plus, hotels operate more efficiently. Staff can easily find items such as cribs, carts, or even a food tray recently placed in the hallway. Guests enjoy receiving requested items quickly and walking through clean, uncluttered spaces. Hotels are only beginning to find ways to leverage tracking technology.

“It’s always our goal to connect clients with technology that makes it easier for their businesses to succeed,” said Roy Kosuge, Chief Commercial Officer for SONIFI. “We’re excited to team up with TraknProtect to offer hoteliers the needed solutions for elevating staff safety as well as improvements to hotel efficiency and guest satisfaction.”

“Like SONIFI, we use simple technology to solve problems at scale”, said Parminder Batra, CEO & Co- Founder of TraknProtect. “We are excited to work with them to allow hotels to integrate the power of real-time location data into their safety & operations systems.”

For more information on all products and services including new backlit remotes, visit SONIFI’s booth 1608 and TraknProtect’s booth 3017 at HITEC Minneapolis.

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